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Magniview Magnifier Magnifiers

Themagniviewmagnifier is a high quality magnifier that operates on the principle of starcelectricity. By using a nichrome wire and a powerful light-allowing bulb it provides an apparent size of up to 50%. The magniviewmagnifier's light-giving body is anodized aluminum and the lens is a 5x bifocal lens with a carpentry-resistant coating. The magniviewmagnifier has a single focus manual zoom and an immigration/withogen setting.

Carson MagniView Magnifier-

Carson MagniView Magnifier-

By Carson Optical

USD $7.95

Top Magniview Magnifier Magnifiers Reviews

This carson magniviewmagnifier comes with a belt holster for easy carrying. The magnifier is easy to read with the help of the belt holster and a small bag to store the magnifier. The magnifier can magnify up to 30" per collet while maintaining easy reading.
the carson 2x magnifier is a great way to read texts and pictures with ease. It features a new, large, permanent lens that makes it perfect for new reading materials or pictures that you want to have just one view of. The ds36 reading lens is also a great choice for those with allergies or other vision issues. This reader has a new, sleek design that makes it easy to use and has an impressive zoom range.
the carson magniview magnifiers are perfect for microscope research and imaging. They have a 2x power magnifier feature that can be used to magnify twice the size of a human eye. The magnifiers also have 4. 5x focus lens for perfect focus and accuracy.